LAST Workshop Dates:  June 8 - 12, 2020

                                  JUNE 7 - 11, 2021

                                  Registration will open in the Fall 2020


                                  IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:

                                  Although we have hung on to hope to hold the final McMaster EBCP Workshop this year (2020), the latest events in the COVID-19 epidemic have made it clear this will not be possible.


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                                  The exact dates will be June 7-11, 2021.


                                  Last Chance Ever to Learn EBM at its Birthplace, McMaster University!

                                  Dave Sackett ran the first McMaster workshop 38 years ago in 1982. 

                                  The current team has been running the workshop for 27 years, since 1993.


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                                  from all around the world – many of whom got their start at previous EBM workshops.

                                  Therefore, next year’s McMaster EBCP Workshop will be the final one (June 7-11, 2021).

                                  We will be celebrating the illustrious history, and the ascendancy of worldwide EBM. 

                                  So, if you ever thought of coming to McMaster for the workshop, this is the last chance. 

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                                  At McMaster our workshops are offered with three integral parts. If you are new to EBM, or want to start the week with a brief review, we recommend our optional Pre-Course that will focus on Basic EBM Concepts. If you are interested in developing your own curriculm at your institution, we recommend  our new optional Post-Course focusing on Developing an EBHC Curriculum. We anticipate that this will ensure you get the full benefit of learning during the workshop week. During the EBCP Workshops we dive in to complex concepts of EBM, teaching you how to improve your practice and teach concepts to others around you.


                                  EBCP Pre-Course

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                                  Workshop course description and agenda.

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                                  Course Accreditation

                                  A designated accredited provider for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada...

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                                  Registration for EBCP Workshops 2020 will open in the Fall 2019.

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                                  Tweets by EBCPMcMaster


                                  • “Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of the McMaster Evidence Based Clinical Practice Workshop is its ability to instill a life-long passion and appreciation for evidence based medicine, as well as the confidence to apply newly discovered skills, all in a fun and non-threatening environment with learners from around the world.”

                                    Walter N Dehority, MD

                                  • “It has been kind of a magical experience, like smoothly being transported to a different way of thinking. Everybody was engaged, from the administrative team to tutors, tutor trainees and librarians making a friendly atmosphere to intensively work in. I recommend everybody who still has an open mind and the will to improve in many different ways to attend this course. Thanks for letting me be part of it!”

                                    Carlos Torrens Canovas, PhD

                                  • “I was a first time attendee. The quality of the teachers was outstanding. EBM is lifelong learning and the workshop was very successful in giving me a framework to build upon, self-learn and educate according to my clinical work. I strongly recommend this course and I will certainly do this course again.”


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                                  • “I attended to the workshop during 2016 (improve practice stream) and 2017 (teaching stream), first as an internal medicine resident, and last time as chief resident. The EBCP workshop was a great experience and helped me improve my abilities on critical appraisal of the evidence. It also provided me with many tools for enhancing the quality of the journal club sessions at my service, and developing teaching strategies for many topics regarding evidence based medicine, including the design of an EBM curriculum. It has a well organized and dynamic structure that facilitates the learning process in the field. It was my first experience working together with librarians. They provided me important insight on literature searching in many databases. Overall, the workshop represented a comprehensive approach to many fields of EBM: obtaining reliable evidence on specific questions, developing critical appraisal strategies for optimal application of evidence results, gaining skilled tools to teach and coordinate small and large group sessions at my setting and obtaining knowledge from every colleague in the small groups. In summary, the acquired knowledge improved my personal skills through learning and teaching and therefore I am able to provide better medical attention to my patients.”

                                    Victoria Sáenz, MD